University Physicians Associates is an IPA dedicated to improving the health status of the community through a collective pursuit of excellence.


Our Members

Shareholders            491

Primary Care            115

Other Specialists       376


Our Board of Directors

Donald S. Burns, MD, Chairman

R. Glen Owen, MD, Secretary

John D. Allen, MD

Stephen C. Youmans, MD

Terry L. Arrington, MD

Russ R. Ayers, MD

A. Lynne Brannen, MD

Alan Getts, MD

Christopher McElroy, MD

Our Staff

Charity Taylor, RN, CI Operations Director

LaShawn Doolittle, Administrative Support

Beth Haddon, Credentialing Specialist

Kelly Kolepp, Clinical Integration Network Specialist

Lauren Sightler, Quality Care Specialist

Gabrielle Glenn, Quality Care Specialist



Contact Us
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