We are dedicated to promoting a healthier community through a unified provider network, data driven improvements and trusted partnerships.


Our Members

Shareholders            434

Primary Care            134

Other Specialists       300


UPA Board of Directors

Chris Carlson, MD, Chairman

Peter Armstrong, MD

Katherine Baysinger, MD

JRobert Campbell, MD

Jennifer Herbert, MD, Secretary

Benjamin Kay IV, MD

Christopher S. McElroy, MD

Bozeman Sherwood, MD

Stephen C. Youmans, MD

Our Staff

Geoffrey Mitton, Executive Director

Alan Getts, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Jamie Epps, Value Based Program Director

Beth Haddon, Credentialing Manager

LaShawn Doolittle, Credentialing Specialst

Shelly Littleton, Credentialing Specialist

Cindy McClattie, Business Manager

Stefanie Tucker, Lead Performance Improvement Specialist

Alexis McManus, Performance Improvement Specialist

Angela Alejo-Angel, Performance Improvement Coordinator

University Health Link Staff

Beverly Barton, Contracting Manager

Michelle Jansen, Contract Support Specialist

Becca Freestone, Provider Relations Coordinator

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